Archive / December, 2013

Hisachika Takahashi: Antwerp 1967/Brussels 2013/Liverpool 2013

Glow-in-the-dark artwork seen under UV light is something usually associated with a trip to your local Laser Quest, but, in a unique exhibition experience, the Exhibition Research Centre at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) has brought glow-in-the-dark art into the gallery. Since last being exhibited in 1967, Japanese artist Hisachika Takahashi’s mesmerising, repetitive patterned canvases Read More

My Day as an Art Party Pilot

What would it be like if artists had their own political party? Emma Sumner investigates… What would it be like if artists had their own political party? An organisation that rallied to their cause and represented their importance to society? This year’s Art Party Conference was designed to do just that; hosted in Scarborough Spa Read More

The Big Interview: Bob and Roberta Smith

In their first ever interview together, Emma Sumner talks to the siblings behind Bob and Roberta Smith and the recent Art Party Conference… Bob and Roberta Smith, or Patrick Brill, is an artist best known for his brightly coloured, tongue-in-cheek reflections on art, politics and popular culture, painted in a unique typography. These artworks are Read More