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REVIEW: Turner Prize 2015 at Tramway, Glasgow

From unmade beds to transvestite potters, divided cows in formaldehyde to lights going on and off again, since the first exhibition in 1984, the Turner Prize has always roused a hot debate.  Although this year’s nominees haven’t slaughtered any cows, their offerings are still debate-worthy, perhaps mostly due to the distinct lack of traditional media Read More

Authority, the Institution, and Community

E-Flux Conversations:  Visible Award temporary parliament live coverage in Liverpool, 31 October E-Flux Conversations:  ‘Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists’ Social Initiatives’ live coverage from Liverpool, 1 November During a weekend of heated debates and conversations focused on community arts practice in Liverpool, it was the issue of authority and who should have Read More

COMMENT: Community Arts Projects: “collaboration is important”

The recent nomination of the architecture collective Assemble for this year’s Turner Prize has roused a flurry of thought around community focused arts practice – how we define it and why it has become an intrinsic part of many institutions arts offer. Two events as part of a weekend of programmes in Liverpool looked to Read More