I work with the motivation that the small actions I take will help make others aware of the issues that concern me, make them reconsider their own actions and help to a big difference to the world around me.

Mostly I paint. My work is a hybrid practice that draws together the genres of painting, sculpture and textiles. It is a complex, yet decorative practice that deals with the mass of non-essential possessions many in Western Society feel unable to live without. I seek to explore consumer traits, the issue of fast fashion and people’s desire for the better, newer and more luxury product.

Often describing myself as a contemporary Womble, I avoid becoming part of the consumer cycle by living off other people’s donations of unwanted items wherever possible. These collections usually result in one off projects which extend into my every day life, an example being the creation of my own fashion label which produces one off couture items exclusively for me. A reaction to the fashion industries unobtainable highly prices haute couture and fast fashion’s wasteful poor quality items that rule our high-street.

Although my art work does deal with the idea of femininity, it does not seek to discuss the issues of gender. Its feminine quality is simply the result of my own gender and my inability to comment for those of the other gender.

My Research Interests and Motivations

Although primarily I’m an artist; my passion for research and interest in all things art means my creative output is also of the written and curatorial variety. My mind needs to exert its theories and concepts through an appropriate means be it on paper, canvas, gallery wall or unique project.

Many of my research interests feed into and from my practice as an artist. These areas include mental health and self-image, feminism, sustainable fashion, consumerism, painting in the expanded field and contemporary art. On a curatorial level my interests include museum collections, especially provincial and alternative curatorial theory and artwork interpretation.

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