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COMMENT: Going to the Source

Fast Fashion is a highly responsive system of clothing production which is capable of turning high-cost luxury fashion trends into low-cost high street alternatives days after trends have been premiered on the catwalk. Delving deeper into the production of these low-cost high-end imitation garments, in September 2014 I undertook a month long internship in an Read More

REVIEW: Brave New World, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

In his 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World, Aldous Huxley sought to warn his fellow people of the threat that technological intervention placed on their society.  Exploring a world which many would argue is already here, the innovative Prague based arts organisation DOX have taken Huxley’s vision and those of George Orwell’s 1984 and Ray Read More

REVIEW: Abstract landscape, Whitworth Art Gallery

The importance of the collections cared for by our smaller regional galleries can often be overlooked by the ‘must-see’ draw of works in our national galleries, allowing the great art on our doorstep to slip under the radar.  In the Whitworth’s most recently opened collection display, which is on show until 10 January 2016, curators have Read More

REVIEW: Bill Viola at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

For those familiar with the work of American video artist Bill Viola, descriptions often vary between ground-breaking, core-shaking and emotionally immersive.  This winter, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is hosting the most extensive exhibition of Viola’s work in the UK for over 10 years.  Five years in the making, it’s an exhibition which will undoubtedly stir Read More


The first thing anyone visiting the Granby Triangle area in Toxteth, Liverpool, will notice is the energy. It’s pouring out of every doorway, window and kerbside garden of this once broken community. Devastated by top-down regeneration plans in the 1990s, and with their Victorian terraced houses earmarked for demolition, a core committee of residents refused to Read More

REVIEW: Turner Prize 2015 at Tramway, Glasgow

From unmade beds to transvestite potters, divided cows in formaldehyde to lights going on and off again, since the first exhibition in 1984, the Turner Prize has always roused a hot debate.  Although this year’s nominees haven’t slaughtered any cows, their offerings are still debate-worthy, perhaps mostly due to the distinct lack of traditional media Read More

Authority, the Institution, and Community

E-Flux Conversations:  Visible Award temporary parliament live coverage in Liverpool, 31 October E-Flux Conversations:  ‘Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists’ Social Initiatives’ live coverage from Liverpool, 1 November During a weekend of heated debates and conversations focused on community arts practice in Liverpool, it was the issue of authority and who should have Read More

COMMENT: Community Arts Projects: “collaboration is important”

The recent nomination of the architecture collective Assemble for this year’s Turner Prize has roused a flurry of thought around community focused arts practice – how we define it and why it has become an intrinsic part of many institutions arts offer. Two events as part of a weekend of programmes in Liverpool looked to Read More

FIELD TRIP: Malta Festival, Poznan, Poland

Crammed with castles, cathedrals and boasting two clockwork goats as its mascots, the Polish city of Poznań is one of the country’s oldest, largest and most vibrant cities. Situated midway between Berlin and Warsaw, Poznań was once Poland’s capital city and remains a diverse and energetic metropolitan full of character and history. Every June, for around three Read More

REVIEW: Malta Festival’s 25th Anniversary Edition in Poznan, Poland

Crammed with castles, cathedrals, and its own opera house with two clockwork goats as its mascots, the Polish city of Poznan is one of the country’s oldest, largest and most vibrant.  Every June, for around three weeks, the city flourishes with a methodically curated collection of cultural activities, under the guise of the Malta Festival.  Read More