INTERVIEW: Aparajita Jain, Founder of Saat Saath Arts Foundation

Within India there is very little or no government support for the arts, but within the country there are a number of highly passionate individuals who are taking it upon themselves to fill the country’s arts funding gap.  Seeing it as a vital part of her nation’s development, after two decades working with emerging contemporary Indian artists, curators and collectors, in 2010, Aparajita Jain founded the Saat Saath Arts Foundation (SSAF).  An initiative Jain devised to support international exchange between India and the rest of the world, the foundation is building numerous close working relationships with a variety of international curators, museums and galleries. With the British Council’s Re-Imagine India Fund actively promoting and funding exchange projects between the UK and India to take place in 2017, the 70th Anniversary of Indian Independence (the UK-India Year of Culture), I caught up with Jain to find out more about her ongoing work.

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