INTERVIEW: “If we don’t defend life it becomes without value” — Lotte van den Berg, Malta Festival

It is said that without the spectator there is no theatre. But who is the spectator and what is their role? This is the question presented to those who attended this year’s Malta Festival in the Polish city of Poznań , whose programme aims to disrupt this usual spectator relationship and encourage exploration of the role. Established in the early ’90s as a celebration of the freedom regained by the city’s people after the fall of communism in 1989, the Malta Festival has grown steadily and now hosts some of most prominent theatre artists who are setting the current trends in new theatrical languages.

This year’s main festival programme (entitled Idiom) has been curated by freelance director Lotte van den Berg, whose work has for many years examined the relationship between — and paradoxes within — the roles of the spectator, the actor and the witness. I caught up with Van den Berg to discuss in more depth her thought processes and ideas around the spectator and participation, and the unavoidable topic of Brexit.

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